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Add "<<<" to table transpose column
Hi Nerds,

after playing with ">>>" I realized that having "<<<" as well would be a neat addition to tables. It would play the previous note as of the currently allowed list of notes. That way one could create all sorts of arpeggio patterns.

E.g. the recently requested "Baroque" pattern could be done by a table like this:

While I'm at it:
">>2" and "<<2" as well as ">>3" and "<<3" could be used to move forward/backwards by 2 or 3 notes in the list respectively.

Update: I'm aware I could create arbitrary arpeggios by explicitly setting transpositions for every step. However together with the yet to be written feature request to dynamically manipulate various table settings like "Allow Notes", "Range", "Speed" and possibly some more this allows for a whole lot of interesting evolving patterns.

Kind regards,

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