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MIDI CC controled CV output ?
Hi there, 

This is a rainy monday morning idea.

I obviously have no idea if this is possible or if it can be useful to someone other than me but I thought about this:

(It is VCMC befaco oriented but I think it can work with any eurorack(or not) MIDI controller )

The idea is to be able to generate a control CV which comes out of the more CV16 by a MIDI CC (the VCMC faders in this case).
I already use the CC GATE screw buttons to mute / unmute / solo the tracks, it's so practical!
Why not push the "compatibility" Wink

I was thinking of the more CV16 because I don't think we use all the outputs of this module at the same time ...

I also thought that it could be configured in the automate section (see my beautiful drawing)

We could then easily control (via CV) transposition, filter openings, envelopes, wavefolders, ... from the VCMC thanks to the NerdSEQ.

This is not a request, it is just an idea that may or may not become relevant (or not)  Big Grin

Have a nice day
I replaced the VCMC with a Sweet Sixteen on my case for this very reason (plus readily available i2c compatibility). Sounds like a nice idea.
I second this, I would find great use out of this!

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