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[NO BUG] Connected Octatrack stopping by itself
Those threads are a crazy-to-read mix of a) out-of-date and/or b) people talking past eachother.

As of 1.40A, at least, there is no bug. And there likely wasn’t before that. Interesting and perhaps-unexpected MIDI implementation, Wink but not a bug as such.

A1 is by far not the only note with interesting behaviour, by the way. There are a whole range of interesting things happening from C1 all the way through C7. Check out page 137 of the OT manual.

For the rest of what I’m about to write, let’s assume that there are known (whether expected or unexpected) to be MIDI notes sending on channels the OT is set to receive either for audio tracks 1 through 8 or on the auto channel.

You’ll need set the project-level MIDI control scheme to a value other than STANDARD. If you set FOLLOW TM (Follow Trig Mode) then any time Trig Mode is set to TRACKS then you’ll get STANDARD scheme behaviour on the related MIDI channel, whether the one assigned for the current audio track or the auto channel. If you set the project-level scheme to MAP/TRACK then the individual audio tracks will default to STANDARD. Any combination of settings which results in STANDARD mode MIDI note processing will do all sorts of fun things from C1 through C7 on the relevant MIDI channel(s.) Smile If you want this to never be the case, set the project-level MIDI control scheme to MAP/TRACK and then also set the per-audio track MIDI note map selections to appropriate values other than STANDARD. [You technically could set the scheme to FOLLOW TM and then be very careful to avoid setting Trig Mode to TRACKS, but that’s unlikely and risky.]

FWIW, I verified the above behavioural variations just a bit ago, using a test project sending A2 (yes, A2) from NerdSEQ, testing each of the 16 channels. And then I rebooted everything and verified it all again using a different NerdSEQ test project layout just to make sure.

That all out of the way, if it turns out you have truly no midi events flying around then there’s another way I can reproduce the behaviour, and that’s disconnecting the MIDI cable while the sequencer is running. Might there be a MIDI connection/signalling/etc. issue at play?

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