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[NO BUG] Connected Octatrack stopping by itself
(11-05-2021, 11:24 PM)mntbighker Wrote:
(11-04-2021, 07:17 PM)mvdirty Wrote: That all out of the way, if it turns out you have truly no midi events flying around then there’s another way I can reproduce the behaviour, and that’s disconnecting the MIDI cable while the sequencer is running. Might there be a MIDI connection/signalling/etc. issue at play?

That's an impressive level of effort on your part. I need to try and dig into this over the weekend if I can. Thanks for helping. Still very weird that the stop behavior just does not seem to happen if Nerdseq is externally clocked at 112, as opposed to 32.

No worries, it didn’t take terribly long and I was happy to help, especially as it provided an opportunity to dig back into some OT user manual sections I had more-or-less only skimmed, and to experiment with MIDI control of the OT as that’s something I’d like to do a bit of soon.

As for 112 vs 32, and external clocking: one difference in my scenario is that the NerdSEQ was the master clock. I did, by chance of the NerdSEQ projects I loaded, try a couple different tempos. IIRC 73 and 120. Nothing as low as 32, though.

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