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[NO BUG] Connected Octatrack stopping by itself
(11-09-2021, 04:10 PM)mvdirty Wrote: Can you give us a rundown of the involved physical MIDI connections? Active/passive splitting, thru jacks or boxes, MIDI processors, etc?

(11-09-2021, 08:12 AM)mntbighker Wrote: Latest experiment: I started a sequence at 32 bpm and then disabled transport receive on the OT. The sequence stopped running within a few minutes, and nothing appeared in midi monitor.

Was disabling transport receive the one and only change? Was/is clock receive enabled? Oh, and what is your TURBO setting?

It was the only change. Clock receive is enabled. I believe Turbo is enabled but not shown as active.

I'll have more time Thurs. - Sun. to tinker.

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