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[NO BUG] Connected Octatrack stopping by itself
(11-12-2021, 03:36 PM)mvdirty Wrote: Given Thomas’ latest reply just above, I’m inclined toward dragging the thread back to this question from a few days ago:

Can you give us a rundown of the involved physical MIDI connections? Active/passive splitting, thru jacks or boxes, MIDI processors, etc?

Nerseq OUT -> Erica midi box IN

Erica OUT -> Intellijel 1U midi IN (currently not used for CV or clock)
Erica OUT -> Disting EX IN (currently not used in any patterns)
Erica OUT -> Octatrack IN (master mix fed through ES-9 to PC via USB, then routed to Motu for monitoring via VCV Rack mixer) 
Erica OUT -> Analog Rytm IN
Erica OUT -> Motu IN -> USB-C -> Mac (midi monitor software)

Everything is clocked by Pam's (x24) -> Nerdseq clock/reset IN (Mod.Clock24)
Nerdseq Reset OUT -> Pam's run input
Nerseq Midi clock OUT (DIN-Sync24)

Keep in mind the stoppages exist with nothing but Nerdseq OUT to Octatrack IN.

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