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Don't force going to 0 upon retriggering of envelope
It is my understanding that the envelopes in the CV16 always start at 0 when being retriggered. That can result in clicking sounds. I would like to either change that behaviour or at least have the option to make the envelopes behave more "analog" in that the attack just starts at the value it is at the time of being (re-)triggered.
Revisiting this feature/enhancement request:
For the modulators on the CV16 we currently have the digits 0-6 (see also Manual V1.25, pp 51-52). I'd like to see two additional options added like:
7 → Envelope Attack (attack phase starts at current modulator value) > Release (column also marked with a ‘^’ )
8 → Envelope Attack (attack phase starts at current modulator value) > Sustain (column also marked with a ‘^’ )

For clarity I also suggest to amend the manual for digits 0 and 1 as follows:
0 → Envelope Attack (attack phase always starts at 0) > Release (column also marked with a ‘^’ )
1 → Envelope Attack (attack phase always starts at 0) > Sustain (column also marked with a ‘^’ )

Kind regards,
I still got to proof that. In my brain it says that a 'retrigger' starts the attack from the current voltage. But I might be wrong.
As for the request I think it definitely make sense but it is a bit tricky to implement now. (though we both know it is possible)

That said, I am busy with the CV16 anyway at the moment but my time is currently very limited. So anything will take a bit longer.
PLEASE use the search function if something have been asked or discussed before.
Every (unnessesary) forum support means less time to develop! But of course, i am here to help!  Smile
Hi Thomas,

here is how I determined this:
1) Assign CV16 to track 1
2) create a pattern on track 1
3) lane 1 gets a note
4) lane 2 gets a ^10 every 4 steps, starting on the first
5) in the Nerd Menu set ENV1 to A: 70, R: FF, S: FA

Patching Output 2 into your scope shows that the envelope goes to 0 with each attack.
Patching Output 1 into a VCO and from there into a VCA and Output 2 into the CV of the VCA you can hear a somewhat clicky sound.

I'm happy to send you a project file but you probably have created one yourself faster than using mine Smile

Best wishes,

PS: I really appreciate you being busy with the CV16 Big Grin

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