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Synced LFO
I’m trying to get the smoothest possible tempo-synced LFO. So far, I’m guessing this is in the automator, with clock set to TCK-MUL. But I can’t find the formula to get it running at regular tempo divisions. Experimentally, it seems a speed of 73 (hex) loops in sync with my pattern of 32 steps. Any idea how to calculate other divisions?

Is there a way to get a tempo-synced LFO as smooth as the free-running ones? Any formula that could translate BPM to the free-running speed settings maybe?
OK, found the answer in the forum. Only just now figured out you can search on multiple terms if you put AND in between, like 'lfo AND sync'. Anyhow, these are the relevant threads:

was the one i was about to send you Smile

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