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Follow actions (like Ableton) for patterns?
Hi everybody,

Is there an option I ignore, to have follow actions on each pattern / clip? Or even probability (0/100%) for a pattern/clip to be played? That would be.... awesome.

Thank you by advance!
No answer? Sad
I do not understand your question.
Do you mean some form of autoscroll?
If yes: That does not exist to the best of my knowledge.
Being unfamiliar with it, I had to look up the Ableton feature when you posted your original message (and didn’t reply at the time because I was hoping someone with more knowledge of it would be able to jump in) but, in a manner: yes.

In NerdSEQ one would use FX commands to achieve much of this. Probability commands which can be used for all sorts of things, including the probability of executing other FX commands. Various commands for moving around within the same pattern. And commands for starting specific rows/columns on the main song/sequencer screen. You should be able to achieve something comparable to, and likely in some ways more powerful than, you would in Ableton.
Thank you for your inputs guys

I'm aware of the FX commands and I use them often. But I never tried commands for starting specific rows/columns; that seems a great idea; thanks

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