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step length
i dunno if i just don't find the option, or if it isn't possible. but is there a way to let a step hold on for lets say two or four steps before it progresses to the next step? resulting in a rotation of the position each time that step is passed?
Change the number in the groove column

6 ticks is the default length for one step, so double that would be C, and double that would be O
ah yes. thank you... maybe it could be possible to add an fx for such function, that could give even longer holdings, or a random hold duration and such
You could achieve a similar effect by changing the track clock (FX SCLK). See also the manual on page 32. You could do it immediately (1XX).
I think this is a version of the same question. Imagine I have three states A, B, C, then back to A. At each point in time I want some probability of staying in the current state and some probability of advancing to the next state. Is such a thing possible?

Your three states A, B and C are islands, right?
Let's assume island A starts on row 002, B on row 005 and C on row 008

On one track at the end of island A, B and C you enter (in the FX columns)
PRF2 032 STSP 002
PRF2 021 STSP 005
PRF2 019 STSP 008

That will result in 25% chance of a jump to island A, B and C each and there is a 25% chance of no jump at all thus repeating the current pattern.
In other words:
The active pattern is repeated with 50% chance and each of the other patterns have a 25% chance of being executed. Adjusting the numbers after PRF2 changes these.
This is a simple example of a Markov chain for islands Smile

If you need more explanation as to why the above yields the described effect, feel free to ask.

Amazing, thank you! Exactly what I was thinking: I want a Markov chain.

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