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Note Over-write Timing
Hey all, probably a stupid question, but wanted to ask about timing around note changes.

As some background, I'm trying to send a random quantized pattern from other sources through the nerdseq to an oscillator using the following steps:

* Send random quantized voltage and set gate to nerdseq inputs 1 and 2 to a given track
* The destination type is CV Note + Gate for the given track
* Hit record on the pattern and watch the random pattern be recorded to the track and played by the instrument assigned to that track

My question / issue comes about when the track reaches its set length and goes back to the start. If a new note is received on a step that already has a note, there is a small bit of time that the original note plays before the new note is recorded and played, creating sort of a glide effect. For example, if on the original pattern play-through, step 1 is given a C-4 note, and on the second play-through, step 1 is given a F-4 note, there's a bit of a glide effect from C-4 to F-4. It seems like the note playback is slightly quicker than the time it takes to receive and record the new note.

My question is if there's anything to sort of alleviate that note over-writing change effect so that there's no real noticeable change. I tried messing around with the gate delay as a possibility, but didn't see any noticeable impact.

I know there's probably some easier ways to generate random quantized values on the nerdseq directly (specifically thinking tables), but this is specifically for an instrument the nerdseq is controlling via midi, so can't go the table route. If this is just sort of a general timing issue that can't really be fixed, I'll just wait for tables to be implemented for midi tracks! Thanks!
The regular recording does (One input CV, one input Gate/Trigger) the record on the 2nd tick of a step because many sources don't have a stable CV voltage on the first tick of a step.

You could try the combined Mode CV+Gate or CV+Trigger which is not related to the trigger and there you can set a dedicated delaytime until the value is valid. This one might be better for what you want to do.

And else...yes wait for the tables...they will come fr the other track types but not with the coming release.
PLEASE use the search function if something have been asked or discussed before.
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Is this "Tips and Tricks" stuff?
I'm sure once I'll start doing something similar I will have a dim memory that there was a solution, then search the forum for an extended time. Chances are I'm not finding it and then I start another thread with the same question...

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