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NerdSEQ plus Bitbox Micro (slicer mode)
(03-23-2022, 06:58 PM)Murcia Parker Wrote: 1) What are the envelopes set to? Envelopes are set to default values (Attack: 0.0% / Decay: 0.0% / Sustain: 100% / Release: 20.0%)
2) What happens when you set the trigger to 02 (longer delay, then gate) followed by a gate off? Erratic behavior
3) Have you tried trigger lengths of e.g. 20 or 40? Yes, I've tried these trigger lengths and I've got an erratic behavior
4) What ranges of trigger delay in the N3rd Menu have you tested? I've tested up to a "6A" delay
5) What type of sound is it that you try to play? (fast/slow attack, etc.) The sound of an arpegiatted clean electric guitar
6) If possible try to look at things with a scope. I find that invaluable. Yes, I think my next purchase will be the Mordax DATA. Right now, without it, I'm going crazy.
7) What happens when you trigger the Bitbox from another trigger source? I've tried to trigger the Bitbox from Clank Chaos gate signals and the slices were triggered every two Chaos pulses!! So it seems an odd Bitbox behavior. This explains why "11" triggers from NerdSEQ works well with the Bitbox Micro. So I guess I should address this question in the 1010Music forum. However if anyone here have an explanation and a solution, please, let me know!

Especially your findings under 7) seem to indicate - as you wrote yourself - it may be a Bitbox problem.
You are running the latest firmware? 2.1.1 it is according to their forum
But otherwise asking on the 1010 Forum seems a good idea. In the meantime trigger set to 11 seems a crude but working work around.

Hope you'll find a solution there,

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