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Play/record all from sequencer stop
I have note CV going to all 4 inputs of Nerdseq.

Input 1 mapped to track 1 MODULAR
Input 2 mapped to track 2 MODULAR
Input 3 mapped to track 3 MODULAR
Input 4 mapped to track 4 MODULAR

Live record only occurs when patterns are playing. I have to shift+play, before shift+record to record to all 4 tracks simultaneously. As such, I’m only able to record starting a few steps in of the playing patterns.

How can I shift+record to all 4 tracks/patterns at step 1? So that the external sequencer, record, and playback all start simultaneously at step 1?
There is no possibility to immideately start recording for multiple tracks currently, but with the new release you can mark multiple tracks and start recording.

I usually start the patterns already and press record later on.
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