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Firmware V1.26
Here is another firmware update for the long summerdays.

We are heading to  V1.26 which many features, fixes and improvements.
Thanks for everyone who tested with me with the release candidates.

Also the CV16 expander gets also a firmware update which enables some of the new NerdSEQ features. That will follow up in the next days. (You can use already the CV16 firmware V1.2 from the release candidates which didn't change for the final version)

As usual some important information before you update:

- make a backup of your SD Card and especially of your projects
- Old Projects can simply be loaded with the new version
- Firmware updates always work, if it doesn't, then you did something wrong. Check the Firmware update FAQ for some infos.
- No worries, in case of any issues you can always go back to your earlier version!
- I totally can understand if you are disappointed if your long awaited feature request is not included in this update. I really do my best to get much new stuff in the releases and i keep track on all the hundrets of feature requests. I constantly update my 2do list and change priorities depending on many factors. Please read the FAQ in the forum to find out how I work and how I don't work. In the end, I can never please anybody. But I do my best to make it better each time.

Also note: Since the last versions the update will look a bit different around the end of updating. For some people the Progressbar will go back to 0 and some percent. That is totally fine and as long as it says 'Updating Succeed', then everything is fine.

Here are most of the changings / additions:
- enabled and added patch functions for all track types (Midi, Audio, CV16, Trigger16)
- added table and patch names in nerd screen, keyboard editor etc
- added Playback Order which can be used to play a pattern in another order. Some playback order types are:
Forward, Backward, Pingpong, Random, Even/Odd, Spiral, Crab, Drunk etc....Orders can be used to create new patterns.
- changed SCLK (Set Trackclock) to combined command CKPB (includes now Clock, Playback order, Transpose, Swing, Jump)
- fixed wave file loader to allow more wave types
- fixed trigger16 binary value so it can send also FF for all now
- added preview for Trigger 16 columns and drum-matrix. OK plays one and SHIFT+OK plays the row
- fixed tables so a stop table can be chosen from FX or Patches.
- added global trigger delay function which allows to have all triggers delayed if needed. Added trigger delay settings for all track types. Added delay times in milliseconds.
- added random trigger delay settings derived from ranges which does allow easier humanisation of triggers/sequences
- a probability of 0 will now avoid the playback of the probability part
- changed backup situation. Now a backup is automatically created in the backup folder (folder will be generated by itself) and keeps the 10 last files
- replaced 'save with backup' function with a auto-save function. It will auto-save then just before the screensaver starts.
- added new local trigger functions -> Trigger X ticks long. (D0 -> DF)
- fixed possible pattern clone of a ** pattern
- Updated mark mode. SHIFT+cursors will now always change the begin point of the marking and without shift the end points. The start/end points are also displayed in the statusbar.
- marked mode on sequencer screen can now start / launch or stop the selected part, also change of multiple clock and playback orders possible
- stopping a audio track will reset its gate now. (and so also possible connected envelope releases)
- updated pattern screens so they all show the pattern name on every track type
- changed the visible FX when in groove column to the last FX for CV/Gate and Sample
- screensaver now returns to last used screen on return
- fix for automators so a modulator input value is including the automators
- added cut/paste function, so any delete does directly also a copy into clipboard
- fix for return to drum-matrix
- fixed midi for selected track record. Also fix for on-the-fly delete using the table button
- fixed LFO speed for slow LFO (was not fine but quantized before)
- changed OK button in patch screen fires the patch (instead of shift+ok)
- Some graphical changings for current value and patch screen, some visual fixes  
- fixed possible crash on external DINSYNC start/stop
- added setting where a new note in the CV16 sequence automatically disables a pure modulator (Enable in CV16 track setup)
- fixed sending CV16 startup values after track assign
- fix for CV16 setup screen draw glitch
- added Trigger16 function to CV16 columns and destinations. NSA and Trigger Output of the Trigger16 Expander can be selected to be played either from the trigger 2 commands (destination) or as the Voltage/MOD value 00-FE (CV16 setup -> destinations)
- added 2 Trigger16 FX for a CV16 track to allow also trigger16 commands initiated from a CV16 FX.
- updated Midi -> CV16 track so if a column is set to be a trigger then it does insert a trigger instead of an envelope. Plays also the trigger on the trigger16 expander.
- fixed possible freeze when loading a Sampleblock which contains a bigger sample
- updated Project and Setup screen to get the same scrolling like the FX selector. Added Page Up/Down Functionality
- fixed possible 'stuck in screensaver' situation when doing a NSA Firmware update
- cursor returning now to the last field in the pattern screen if the last used one was of the same track-type
- fixed midi recording which recorded multiple note-off in mono mode (Internal CV/Gate track), last released key fills in the note off
- A Note Off in a CV/Gate track works now again with and without autogate enabled.
- fixed issue when using Trigger16/CV16 on tracks 7+8 and using the Reset FX functions
- added entering the random ranges screen from the trigger delay random settings using OK
- added simple copy+paste of a row in video expander pattern
- fixed start of screensaver when holding the OK button too long
- table editing update so it matches with the patch editing, fixed statusbar text
- fixed patch pre-listen. OK for current effect and SHIFT+OK for the whole patch (if possible)
- added Midi Program Change pre-listen

Following needs the CV16 update to V1.2:
- CV16 Track-> The modulator Reset function works also with envelopes to reset it (instead of continuing the attack from the current level on restart)
- added basic triggers for the CV16 outputs
- added 11 point calibration for CV16 outputs

And as usual some minor small things that came along the way or needed to be done...

The new firmware is attached here, download it, put it in your firmware folder and update following the usual firmware update instructions.

Also to be sure that you don't miss any feature or to know how it works, check the manual. It has been updated, too ->

The Firmware and Manual is also always available on the XOR Website:

Don't forget to spread the word, make videos, because that is what's needed to continue adding new features!!
A fancy and silly (as usual) update/release video for the socials will follow up in the next days.

Enjoy the update! [Image: heart.png]

Attached Files
.hex   nerdseq.hex (Size: 4,28 MB / Downloads: 130)
.zip (Size: 1,44 MB / Downloads: 85)
PLEASE use the search function if something have been asked or discussed before.
Every (unnessesary) forum support means less time to develop! But of course, i am here to help!  Smile
big yay!
Thumbs Up 
Wow! That's a great list of changes and additions, some real 'cherry on the cake' for quality of life too (e.g. trigger column/drum matrix preview).

Just on time for me as well, switching the studio back 'ON' this coming Monday! Great timing! 

Thank you for the exemplary continued support and improvement of a great sequencer!
Thank you very much for your continued commitment to the Nerdseq.
Splendid! Thank you!!!
Excellent! Thank you so much!
Thank you Thomas, sounds good!
Impressive list of updates, fixes and enhancements. The NerdSEQ clearly stays on top of the competition Smile
Wonderful update, especially the Playback Order. Thank you Thomas
Awesome!Thank you!!

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