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CV recording w/ gate from Tuesday

I'm able to record CV from TINRS Tuesday no problem using the CV-only recording mode, but when I try to switch to getting CV + Gate I don't get anything.  Any ideas why it would work in one mode but not another?

I've tried it with different delays on the gate setting, and with internal clock and external clock with the same results.  Here's a short video showing it working, and then not working.  Any input as to what I'm doing wrong would be greatly appreciated!

Does the TINRS create gates/triggers with every note? Only then a note is being inserted.
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It does--it creates gates.  

I'll admit, though, that I'm now asking the question why do I want to do this?  As you can see I can record just notes just fine using that setting.  Am I just too lazy to insert triggers/gates in Nerdseq?

Originally I'd been thinking of some modes in Tuesday where there might be more than one note (and gate) per step.  But upon reflection, I don't believe Nerdseq would capture that, would it?

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