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Record rhythms?
Is there a way for Nerdseq to record complicated rhythms?  For example from something like Zularic Repetitor, where a step could have two or even three triggers sent.

Right now it's just picking up a trigger on every step!  Which makes sense, but I wonder if there's a way around it?

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

AFAICT the only way would be to increase the tempo of the NerdSEQ. You need to make sure that the time resolution (i.e. length of a step) is short enough to distinguish between fast triggers. After all what is the difference between triple ratchets and simply having triple speed?

[Answer: Ratchets are a convenience shortcut to effectively increase the speed and/or timing resolution for very short periods of time]
Thanks for that.  I actually tried going up to 8x but, surprisingly, it still wasn't fast enough!

Ratchets are groovy if you're creating a beat, but I'd like to be able to record one sometimes, if possible.

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