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Using inputs as well as patterns to trigger samples
I am sure this is very obvious to everyone but somehow I didn't think about using my nerdseq this way...

I was triggering 2 drum samples from nerdseq tracks 7&8 using slot 2, and I had 2 spare trigger outputs available from my circadian rhythms...
I thought it would be cool to use those triggers so I set 2 nerdseq inputs to trigger samples 7&8 on slot 1.
The cool thing is I can now start and stop the circadian rhythms and play different patterns independently of the nerdseq tracks.
The other cool thing is of course the FX still work on the triggered samples, so I can have distortion/wavefold etc. controlled per step on slot 1.
This of course works with the synth voices as well as samples and any trigger/gate will do the same job.
It has effectively "freed" 2 voices for use however I want them Smile
...But surely everyone knows/uses this kind of functionality?
If not, now you have 2 extra independent voices in your system (although of course they will share the same physical outputs from the nerdseq).

The nerdseq is so flexible it's easy to forget some of the things you can do with it.
Hope this is of interest to someone.
cool! will have to try this Smile
Nice thanks for sharing, cant wait to try this!
Thanks for the tip, Nerdseq is the best.

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