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Clone All Marked Patterns in Nerd menu
Kia ora (a greeting from New Zealand wishing good health),

I recently bought a nerdseq and am getting more familiar with it. It's a seriously amazing device and loving the vibe of it.

One item I looked in the manual for and on these forums but didn't find was a 'Clone all marked patterns' feature. This seems like a useful idea to me, so I wanted to share it here.

One use case being, when you're after a quick way to take an existing area, copy n paste it, then modify the notes in the pasted patterns, without also modifying the notes from the patterns you've just copied. 

Currently the way I think to do this would be to move the cursor down to each pasted pattern, and press shift+ok, then proceed to the next pattern in the area you've pasted into, and repeat until finished. 

Process wise for a 'Clone all' function I think could work like this:
  • You mark an area in the sequencer view, then press shift+nerd to get a context menu for the marked area, which has a new function in it, called something like "Clone all marked patterns" or simply "Clone all".
  • You select and ok that option, then each pattern that was marked gets sequentially (top to bottom, left to right) cloned. 

If you're cloning just a couple of patterns, this macro like function isn't a big time saver, but the larger the number of patterns you wish to clone in one go, the more of a time saver it becomes.

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