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Move/Modify Marked values (again?)
I understand that SHIFT + UP when having marked a block functions together with COPY/DELETE just as it would if there were no marked values, so let's leave those alone.

How about SHIFT + CURSOR UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT changes all the marked values just as they normally would.

Currently SHIFT + CURSORS(S) marks from the other direction.
What if that was OK+CURSOR(S) to move the mark like SHIFT+CURSOR(S) does now? Simply to retain the SHIFT function of modifying values as usual.

An alternate behavior for OK+CURSOR(S) could be to move the entire block, not change it's size. Since this is just an alternate way of changing both end points it's not necessary.

If this was implemented, SHIFT+OK+CURSOR UP/DOWN could shift what was in the marked block.
This is similar behavior to how SHIFT+OK+CURSOR UP/DOWN already shifts the trigger column.

Maybe OK+CURSORS clashes with something else, but I couldn't find it.

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