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File saving problem

Recently I just got my Nerdseq, but i have some problem when I trying to save my project.

it prompts: "Error, try again!". 

But this bug gone after I switch off and on the power again.

I wanna know what happends to my NERDSEQ, Thanks to yall!
Maybe the SD Card is not inserted well?
Try to insert and remove a couple of times. If that doesn’t work then format the SD Card (FAT / FAT32).

You might get problems when you insert the SD Card while its running with loading saving but that is mostly only with the first try. On the 2nd try it mostly works. But officially hot-swapping is not supported.

Worst case you got to replace the SD Card.
PLEASE use the search function if something have been asked or discussed before.
Every (unnessesary) forum support means less time to develop! But of course, i am here to help!  Smile

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