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Do not send CV (or disable row) when trigger is set to '--'
Hi XORadmin,

The feature I would like to request is a 'nerd' option (pattern or track?) that when a trigger is not set '--', the CV (and Mod/FX?) is not sent as well.


A 'traditional' sequencer has the ability to 'disable a step', so no trigger and CV is send when the sequence is at that step. This means when the previous step was processed by an envelope and, for example, the release stage is still happening in the 'current disabled step' the CV will not be send/updated and the pitch does not change.

There is no 'disable row' function on the NerdSeq. This means in the case above, when no trigger is set in the current row/step and an envelope triggered in the previous step is still 'in progress', the new CV note output will update the pitch in the release phase. This is not a big problem when manually 'pre-programming' a pattern. You need to delete both note and trigger on a step.

With the feature request, one can set all notes (manually set follow a scale or have it quantized by a table) in a pattern and use the Euclidean rhythm function to set triggers without having to delete all notes which are not triggered to avoid the 'pitch change during release'. This makes 'quick programming' much easier.

I'm not sure if a 'trigger value' is handy to use here (if there are any unused values left), because the Euclidean rhythm function turns the row off '--' or sets triggers to the current selected one (-ish). That's why I think a solution when '--' is set, a CV (and Mod/FX?) change per track would be more easy to implement. Also I understand that the 'glide' option is also impacted by this.

Cheers, Airell

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