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learning how to use patches ... and looking to make ramping functions...

Im trying to learn this wonderful machine and at the point where Im exploring Patches but am really not understanding how to use them, can someone please give me an example of a use case, eg "if you want to take your mod information and create glides or if you want to do X to your pattern input you could do Y in the patch..."

One thing I want to do is to "automate" (without the automation functions, which I understand to be coming out later) some mod info so for example If I want to create a ramp up to start with 000 on one row and then some rows down put FFF and then tie them together, so that I can create ramps or shapes without needing to fill in the stepped increasing/decreasing data for every mod cell... 

so, can Patches help me do this? If not how might I do this with glide or another effect? 

Also would just love any old suggestion/example of what to do with patches and how to set that up in the patch screen

Thanks!  Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

there is no tie function as the sequencer would never know which pattern to play next and so the possible tie end.
Just use the glide mod and the glide mod steps function to set your glide to this behaviour.

The patches won't help you for that. The patches are kind of macros where you can set all parameters to a defined position/value and when the sequencer passes this patch, all values that are set up in the patch will change to these values. Powerfull if you want to change many things at once, of want to get the values back to a certain setting and much more you can imagine...
PLEASE use the search function if something have been asked or discussed before.
Every (unnessesary) forum support means less time to develop! But of course, i am here to help!  Smile
Ah I see, thankyou very much!

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