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Firmware V2.01
Another Firmware update V2.01 which was also initially planned as a maintenance update. But in the end I added again some new nice stuff.

As usual my little 'disclaimer' with some important information before you update:

- make a backup of your SD Card and especially of your projects
- Old Projects can simply be loaded with the new version
- Firmware updates always work, if it doesn't, then you most probably did something wrong. Check the Firmware update FAQ for some infos.
- No worries, in case of any issues you can always go back to your earlier version (but can't load projects that have been saved with V2.01 without any side-effects)!
- I totally can understand if you are disappointed if your long awaited feature request is not included in this update. I really do my best to get much new stuff in the releases and i keep track on all the hundrets of feature requests. I constantly update my 2do list and change priorities depending on many factors. Please read the FAQ in the forum to find out how I work and how I don't work. In the end, I can never please 
anybody. But I do my best to make it better each time.

Here the changelog for V2.01:
  • updated: CV/Gate pattern screen. Order is now: NOTE, TRIGGER, MOD, PATCH, TABLE, FX....
  • added: pre-fetch mode for Midi Program Change send (5 steps in advance) (elektron gear workaround)
  • updated: Pattern order and clock can now both pre-check for the next playing pattern and will so be active if on the first FX row.
  • updated: current values view of probabilities to 0-100%
  • added: decimal view in patch screen
  • updated: statustext for CV/Gate track
  • added: Auto remove trigger (for CV/Gate Track) on Note (Enable in Setup Screen)
  • added: Default insert Trigger type (Define in Setup Screen)
  • updated: project name will now automatically fill in the mapping name for export
  • added: Midi Program Change source and destination for mappings
  • fixed: Audio mapping destinations so the gates work correctly
  • added: Midi learn for Midi/I2C Setup (Hold OK on one of the Input Assign rows and receive any midi data)
  • fixed: automatically destination row correction if inserting or removing a line while shifting
  • fixed: CV and MOD output generated values for the mapping sources
  • fixed: Midi Aftertouch and Velocity could affect other mapping sources
  • fixed: Mapping A TR and B TR for I2C destinations were inverted
  • updated: set LFO type for CV16 destination (now 0-7 as value)
  • added: delete pattern content shortcut (SHIFT+MARK+DELETE)
  • added: function to also copy to clipboard if pressing 'copy' in markmode
  • fixed: SHIFT+F5 inconsistency with external PC keyboard use (Enter Load Screen)
  • fixed: return to last column on a I2C Track
  • added: I2C Drummatrix MidiGate,Trigger, CC as random value derived from random range defined with the matrixnumber. OK enters the Random Ranges screen
  • updated: CV/Mod output performance fix on high load
  • fixed: broken Sample 2 playback from sequence for tracks 7 and 8
  • added: Mapping Source Calc->MODS which is a signed Modulo
  • fixed: mapping table tick destination was not available
  • updated: Midi Velocity and Aftertouch mapping sources range now from 0-FFF instead of 0-127

The updated manual is available here on the forum:

The Firmware and the manual are also always available to download on the XOR Website:

Don't forget to spread the word, make videos, because that is what's needed to continue adding new features!!

Attached Files
.hex   nerdseq.hex (Size: 4,68 MB / Downloads: 100)
.zip (Size: 1,57 MB / Downloads: 63)
PLEASE use the search function if something have been asked or discussed before.
Every (unnessesary) forum support means less time to develop! But of course, i am here to help!  Smile
"Default insert Trigger type": amazing! Thank you!
Amazing, really enjoying the quality of life improvements Wink
So cool that you already implemented the shift+mark+delete shortcut and you corrected the mapping pitch tracking problem, too! just checked: it works pretty great now..

Really really awesome,
thanks again, Thomas!
Loving the quality of life features that have been added! They are a joy.

Not convinced the below is working though? I can now see it as a destination, but can't seem to get it to send a tick to the table

fixed: mapping table tick destination was not available

edit: as discussed with Thomas on Discord, you can get a tick to a table by choosing TABLE TRKx TICK as the destination for now... dedicated tables as a destination aren't working but this will be fixed
(02-18-2024, 05:35 PM)yrn1 Wrote: "Default insert Trigger type": amazing! Thank you!

Very nice indeed

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