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NerdSEQ Midi implementation early preview
(03-16-2019, 05:01 PM)RMBLRX Wrote: No, 6 in total with channel 1 having the ability to more or less "override" the other channels on the synth's chip, itself, to achieve polyphony (i.e., not the actual Midi channels which, of course, operate normally).  It's a synth which makes use of the YM3438, so this is simply a limitation of the chip and its implementation.  In any case, it sounds like you have me pretty well covered (though having up to six  voices at least on channel 1 would be ideal in the case of my device, though, for my part, this probably won't pose an issue); however, if someone were wanting to use something like the Gen/MDM Interface, they would require channels 7-10 to control the SN76489.

I realize that there are probably many reasons to limit the Midi implementation, but I wonder whether it might be possible to allow a user the flexibility to sacrifice polyphony on certain tracker channels in order to add more Midi channels by simply allowing them to reassign each voice to any of the otherwise unused channels (again, not necessarily for my use-case, but in consideration of a particular hypothetical use-case).

Actually, you assign a channel to a Midi track. I didn't plan more than one channel per track, mostly cause of the reason that it's not possible to assign the effects to different channels as well. I can't limit one track to get more from another track unfournately. I still think 6 possible Midi tracks for a Eurorack sequencer is already very cool :-)
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