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Weird clock behaviour
New Nerdseq user.
Is anyone is using Nerdseq with the shuttle control as master clock ?

In my config I'm using Patterning 2 as the Master to keep everything in sync, however I'm feeling that the Nerdseq is not in sync with the sequence on the app.
I tried to change cables and config on the Shuttle control and now maybe thinking that is an issue inbox because I had not this issue with the ER101.

Any ideas ? Should I try to put the Nerdseq as the master ?
Hi there,

if the Shuttle sends a proper clock then there should be no problems. But if i understand right then the shuttle is just a midi-cv converter, so i guess it's either a shuttle setup problem or the app you are using.
I'm sending a PPQN÷6 (1/16) clock into clock input and Start/Stop gate to the reset input.
The Nerdseq is set up to receive clock24ppqn and clock is following my main clock from the app however the issue happens when I'm starting a pattern, it does not follow the beat on Patterning app.
If I want both sequence to be in sync I have to manually launch both at the same time.

I should maybe change my reset settings ?
1/16 clock is not a 24 ppqn clock. For 1/16 clock source you got to set the NerdSEQ also to Mod-Slave which is also a 1/16 clock then.

But if the shuttle control can send a 24ppqn clock (and i just checked it's manual..and it can) then yoy'd better go for that as it's resolution is much better.
In that case you set the NerdSEQ to either 24ppqn or DIN-Sync input.

I am sure it is a settings problem in your case.

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