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*SOLVED* Shift+up Delete problem
I have a pattern that causes a crash every time I mark the first 16 steps then shift up delete.  I get this message: IERR IC 9D0C8114


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Hey Ehr,

can you reproduce it? I just tested it but it works as expected.
Which version are you using?

Are the O in the groove columns a O or a zero?
If you can reproduce it, which is essential to find out whats wrong, can you maybe pass me the project file so i can reproduce it myself?
Hi. I just updated to V1.18A (I was still on the last beta), and it still crashes every time. I added the project with the pattern that causes the crash to the to the first post. I deleted all but the one problem pattern so it is the only one you'll see.
OK thank you.

I will see whats going on.
OK good. I tested it and can simply reproduce it. And as it turns out this is a bug which seem to be there since many versions.
Strange that it didn't came up.
However, it seem to be a problem with the drawing of the (up-shifted) MOD column.

I will fix it this evening and update the latest version.

Thanks for the report and sorry for the trouble.
Cool. No trouble at all.
OK, fixed and new firmware is uploaded. Thanks!
Wow, that was fast! Awesome. Thank you.

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