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Global Automation
First of all I must thank you for building this wonderful sequencer, it has been a great help and enables me to program big live shows with my modular, something that hasen't been possible for me before nerdseq existed. When performing I can now focus on sculpting the sound and mixing much more than before.

However I am frequently reaching the sequencers limits in the number of pattern that can be stored in one project. I wish I could globally automate more variables. The way I currently work is that channel 1 automates bpm and changes values like effects and the mix externally. The other channels are used for actual musical patterns. In specific parts of the project I would like to globally shorten all patterns. I currently can't think of any way to do this. I wish there was a special command in SPFX that would break all currently playing patterns (like a global BRK 000). With that my workflow would be radically improved, this  would save many hours and countless frustrating headaches in which I have to set up the same pattern 10 times in different length and do this over and over again.

Thank you so much.

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