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Reset input behavior
I have a bunch of different sequencers including a NerdSeq clocked by Pamela.  I always try to wire up a master reset button so that (when, not if) sequencers get out of sync I can pull everything back to hit on the “1”.

At times the NerdSeq doesn’t seem to reset all that cleanly.  Steps will be a bit ahead or behind the other sequencers. I can’t figure out what’s going on.  Maybe it’s looking at the wrong edge of the reset pulse?   Is there any way to configure things about the reset input, like rising vs falling edge activation or threshold level?  I am clocking Nerdy at 24ppqn, maybe something to do with that?

Luckily I don’t have to use the master reset all that often but it would be nice for it to be solid when I do need it...
The NerdSEQ is looking at the correct (raising) edge of the reset.
After that it looks to the first clock that comes. There can and will be more settings, but to be sure what the problem is here i'd need to see some scope pictures on what Pamela sends for clock and reset..and if it is always exact in timing clock and resetwise.
Hey Grib,

this is what I have been doing with Pam.

Pam output 1 -> NerdSEQ Clock in
NerdSEQ Reset OUT -> Pam Run in

off the top of my head i think the settings are
Clock in : Mod. Slave
Clock out : DINSYNC24

But basically this gives me the ability to start and stop in NerdSEQ. Every time I stop NerdSeq, it resets PAM and stops it.
So I basically have Pam output 1 and the Reset multed to other sequencers.

Basically home base would be through NerdSeq.

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