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Sample path
I'd LOVE it if after you've loaded a sample; the path doesn't go back to the Root folder of the SD card when you go to load in another sample! 

I feel like most UI would start back at the last folder you've been in, so I find it a bit "wrong" that it goes back to the Root folder.

Not sure if everyone will agree or not!
I thought about this also--have a list of the sample Bank on the right and you could use insert up/down to select slot and then you could select your entire kit in one session instead of backing in and out over and over.
Yeah that's a great idea!
Sorry I didn't mean to talk over your post, I kinda meant in addition to yours Smile
haha it’s getting at the same issue anyhow; populating the sample bank quickly with sounds that are from the same folder (or nearby)! i like it!!
I will do this at some point. But it's not as easy as you think. This is really a low level embedded file system and i got to deal with all kinds of shortcomings.
Be creative with the placement of your samples and it'll save you much time. And when you are used to it, the feature will be there Smile

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