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What is this mystery expander?
Just saw this when looking at the trigger expander video.  What do we have here? Tongue

[Image: ExGfivY.jpg]

Just realized it might not be an expander at all and could be a standalone module too! Doesn't change my curiosity though.
Haha!! Not an expander. But a little oscillator i made. It's actually a DIY HQ 1V/Oct digital oscillator with one fixed waveform.
You actually hear it in the video.
It was supposed to be a kit for some workshops, but didn't find the time to actually finish the kits. So a box full of components at the moment. One day when i find the time...
You didn't spot more?
Now I guess I will have to give it another watch Smile
I’ll bite, what’s going on with that module with the green knobs? I definitely see XOR font on it.
Something-chord? Looks interesting!
(04-17-2019, 01:50 AM)skybox Wrote: Something-chord? Looks interesting!



Real 4 voice polyphonic oscillator to create real Chords because of real note input.
And that 2 times. And each with it's own audio output, 4 free assignable knobs and it's own trigger output to directly trigger the envelope and make real polyphonic synthesizer stuff in eurorack.
Far from being finished, but thats also one of the coming expanders.

Hear some usage of it:
Wow ok I love this!!!

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