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Project Transpose functions
I have two requests that both involve the use of the Transpose in the Project window:

1. I would like the project transpose to not take effect until I release the shift key.  Or a way to select the behavior between that and how it transposes currently.  Very useful when transposing a song into a new key in a performance setting without having to chromatically step up/down.

2. Would like a way to assign a track to ignore the master/project transpose function. Could be used to keep samples typically assigned to drums from pitching up/down, especially in extreme cases where I go up or down an octave during a live performance. Also very useful for instances where I have two songs running in one project file and could quickly/easily transpose one into the other's key without affecting them both. Could be under Nerd>Track Setup?

Thanks Big Grin
Just a quick bump in case this was overlooked. Thanks for all the hard work!

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