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Set current data value with CV input
Another request! I'm finding entering notes is actually pretty quick, much better than I thought from videos I saw before buying it. However, entering data values can feel a little tedious, and with a bunch of voltage sources (lightstrip, quadtratt) sat right next to Nerdseq, I'd love to be more knobby with entering data values for fx, automation, and even notes. 

What I could imagine is having some project settings with let you define a CV source for data values to be read (i.e. Input 1-4) and a trigger source to determine when to sample the CV source (which would be either a gate/trigger at Input 1-4, or pressing the OK button). This would mean when entering a sequence of fx values in a sequence I could dial in the amount I want on a knob, tap OK, move down a step, dial in the next amount, hit ok, etc. I could even hold down my gate signal or keep OK held to constantly update the data value from the voltage source/knob. That way I could keep OK held while stepping through a pattern to record a knob sweep.

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