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Connect to midi ports on intellijel cases rather than using expander?
I came across this thread on the intellijel forum where there's a suggestion for connecting Disting up to the midi ports that are built into intellijel performance cases.... 

Is there any chance of this working with Nerdseq too? Is there a pin diagram available for the connector the nerdseq midi expander uses? Space is tight on my mobile set up, so being able to use those ports instead of the expander would be really handy.
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Cool idea +1
(05-04-2019, 01:20 AM)lohacker Wrote: Cool idea +1
I guess it won't work as there is a little circuit in the Midi expander for isolation and buffering.

On the Midi header (backside of the NerdSEQ) are the portpins mapped with the signals coming directly from the microcontroller pins. These are not direct usable for Midi signals. An adapter inside would be needed.
Honestly I wouldn't mind running a little adapter on the inside of my 7u case to get the midi working and free up some HP.

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