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Sample Audio Format - digital noise when playing back samples
Got my Nerdseq

It's awesome! Having a blast with it so far. Very intuitive.

The only thing I"m having an issue with is sample formats. In the manual it says you can use 8 bit RAW and 8/16 bit WAV for the files. My audio editor (Adobe Audition) doesn't generate RAW files, so I made some 8 bit wav and some 16 bit wav.

However, when I play the wav files in the nerdseq, they all have an identical bit of digital noise at the end, suggesting that some metadata/file header is being read as audio, which suggests they are not being read in the correct file format.

Also, the 16 bit files sound pitched down and distorted, suggesting that they are being treated as 8 bit files.

Is there a step I'm missing of letting the Nerdseq know the file type (they have .wav extensions) or something like that?

Has anyone else come across this issue and solved it?

And, if all else fails, anyone have a recommendations for a program that can batch convert WAV files to RAW on Mac OS X

All files are treated as 8bit thru Nerdseq. My best suggestion is to batch convert your files to 8bit mono wav files and clip off any silence at the end of the sample. The rest of the crunch is expected Smile

Audacity is highly suggested since it's free and can process all of the above.
the 8 bit mono wav files I have definitely have an extra bit of digital noise at the end which is not just 8 bit crunchyness, but fileheaders being read as audio.

I'll see what happens if I convert using Audacity instead of Audition, but if that makes a difference then something weird is going on.
If you like, post a couple samples here and I can test them out myself and compare.
I think I have similar problems but specifically with kick samples
I also find this when I meet nerdseq first time about last year...i guess it cannot be fixed because of ......may be the poor DA / vca ( of course, it will be very nice if xor can fix this by firmware update),   no matter how you edit the sound....8bit or 16bit.....once the sound with fade out ending,  the noise that you mention even clipping ( because of high level samples map in one output)will be happen, of course it is not a hi end sampler...what ....200kb....Noise....??? Yes,  if you compare with other brand such as bit box,  but it's still very powerful if you can use the sample slot with nerdseq seq....right time right sample right situation, full backing track or even over 50% song structures can be made.... Other sampler may be weak for this...

this will be helpful about the noise
1) all the ending of the sample have to sharp cut completely but not fade out
If you really have to use fade out samples you can try :
2) Ladik  modular 's E110 5bands eq , it will kill you £55 and 4hp, cheap but it is almost the only 5bands  4hp Eq in the of the band can cut the noise

That's all

I m still using nerdseq as my main sequencer today because of its overall performance and I m very happy with will be surprise by their firmware update every time just like you have a new toy everytime

Hi, Thomas, please don't forget to put details looping feature on the sampler ,   my thousand of the single cycle samples are waiting for perfect loop....

Thanks all
Beat regard
i don't get any clicks or pops at the end of samples - i've attached an mp3 of me previewing samples on the nerdseq - all 8bit RAW files - no clicks

(no clicks on WAV files either)

for batch RAW file converting i use switch, it's GREAT

EDIT : sorry the forum won't let me add an mp3 attachment, so you'll just have to trust me
He don't mean the pop or click, but the noise of hisssss or sssss
No - original post was talking about an "an identical bit of digital noise at the end, suggesting that some metadata/file header is being read as audio"

A bit of hiss is normal for 8 bit samples

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