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TRG1..6 Don't Reset?
Perhaps I'm misunderstanding something, but I've assigned my 5th track to the 16 Triggers expansion and in FX 1 of my looping pattern, I put `TRG5 040` since this now should be the way I can still fire the "Trigger 5" output.

I expected a 20ms trigger (ON/OFF), but that doesn't seem to be what I get. (I'm still waiting for my Mordax Data...)

If I set a value, it will trigger the first time, but then as it sees the same instruction again, it never fires. If I change the value up or down, including the second digit for retrigs (30, 43, 50, ..) It seems as if it is not falling again like a trig but staying high, like the CV outputs are understood to do?

<3 my Nerdseq. Thanks, Thomas!
Hey there,

sorry for the late reply. Superbooth stress and hangover time now.
It suppose to work well. I will check it out next week (when i'm full back, up and running again) and see if there is an issue. You can still try also TRIG which uses the tigger of the current track.
OK i checked it and can confirm the issue. I didn't turn off smart sending for the triggers (and some others here) and so if something is being sent with the same value it wouldn't send it the 2nd time.

Already fixed for the coming version.

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