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Assign Sample Channels (7,8) as MIDI Out
Hey there!  I know this may not be possible, since it probably would have already been done, but I would love to assign my channel 7 and 8 as MIDI out channels.  This way I can use an external sampler with 2 channels and not eat up my precious 1-6 channels.  

Thank you,
I second this, in a addition to be able to use it as one of the trigger channels.
Discussed before and i am not planning to do this at the moment. Most probably because the sample tracks differ quite a lot to the other tracks as they are 2 tracks in one. It would need much work and compared to many other features/requests it has a low priority.
That is what I figured. All good, just wanted to throw it out there in case it was a possibility! Thank you for all that you do! This is the centerpiece of my eurorack rig. Smile

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