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Stop Song (SPFX 003) fires all Trigger 16 outputs
I have my Trigger 16 expander assigned to Track 1 and at the end of a song I have a pattern in track 1 that contains only a SPFX 003 (in FX 1) at row 00 to stop the song, but that causes all 16 outputs on the expander to trigger.
Oh that doesn't sound good. So is this project specific and/or easy reproducable? And does it crash or is it just the triggering (triggers or gates?)
There's no crash, and actually since I saved the song, cycled the power and reloaded the song, the behavior is different. Now it's just that the SPFX 003 in the Trigger 16 expander track doesn't stop the song. If I remove it from that track and put at the end of another track, it will stop the song, but not before it plays the first note of track 1 again. So it seems that in any case, the Stop Song isn't being handled correctly for the expander track.
OK, i will check this on monday then. ( And i moved it to the non-destructive bug report thread ) THX
Just to verify, I started from scratch, assigned Track 1 to the expander, and added a song-ending pattern at the end of the track. This time it triggered about 10 of the outputs whenever it got to the SPFX 003. Note that it does stop the song in this scenario. So it appears that there are two manifestations of this issue: bogus triggers but the song does stop; no bogus triggers but the song doesn't stop.
Hey! I checked the problem and could also reproduce it. It is already fixed and will be in the coming version very soon. Until then you might use another track or only stop the track you are playing.

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