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sample track - 2nd channel dodgy
Is this happening to anybody else?

Sometimes samples on the 2nd channel of a sample track don't trigger.

It's like it develops a "blind" spot - usually from a certain point in the pattern til the end. 

Also if you do something like BRK 0000 in the "blind spot", it just keeps playing straight past it.

If you put the same pattern in the other sample track, the same thing happens.

I haven't quite worked out what causes it yet, but I think it has something to do with marking and pasting.

Here's a video that shows it ignoring a BRK 0000 command, and then when I remove the BRK command it ignores the notes that follow.
Can you add the project please. It looks like probability is set at some point, ignoring further processing.
Hmmm I thought it might be probability accidentally set, but I reset all FX and made sure probability was set to 0064 and it made no difference!

Project file is attached!

It's pattern 1A in Track 7


Attached Files
.nrd   20190526.NRD (Size: 483,59 KB / Downloads: 1)
OK, i see your problem. The groove setting on step 17 is bad. You can go onto it and change the value to get it running well again (the cursor will disappear on the first change but you should be able to change the value then).

Do you have any information when this started or if it is reproducable in some way?
hmmm trying to reproduce this, no luck so far! weird one! thanks for checking it out so quickly Smile

i'll let you know if i have luck reproducing it! (i feel like it has something to do with either BRK commands or copy/pasting... but, also quite possibly not)

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