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Memo/note for each track

I love my nerdseq, it is really flexible and amazing. Thomas has gold in his hands (and his brain).

Personally I am very oriented "live" and when I have a goldfish brain to me then it came to me an idea:

The possibility of putting a memo of a few characters for each of the 6 modular track (accessible via the nerd menu for example). As a patch note

For example Track 1:

CV> pitch1 HertzDonuts
Trig> EG1 Sputnik
Mod> fold1 HertzDonuts

Or something like that ...

I do not realize how implementable it is or not, and I guess it's a lot of work. This is just an idea if there was not enoughWink

Thank you!
I'm totaly into it...
It would be also really usefull when digging into old tracks... I tend to use modulargrid as a tracksheet to keep a trace of old compositions...
But having it implemented onto the sequencer (at lesat for the direct destinations) would be a real big plus..
Perhaps in the same area than the pattern name, with full text scrollig to allow more characters...just like a track attribute....

Just my 2 cents....
I've been using pattern names for notes, and like the idea of more characters with text scrolling.

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