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unable to create new patterns
I ran into a situation when I was not able to create new patterns - the OK button did not do anything. I backed up the content of the SD card to make sure it was not corrupted and replicated it with another SD card. I made a lot of patterns up until now but I was still with patterns starting with letter A. 

I managed to solve the problem by using the COMPACT feature which cleared about 50 patterns. I am just a little worried that i will run in the same issue once I create 50 more patterns or so. 

My guess would be that the RAM memory is full - maybe the sampleblocks are too big? What would a limit be here? 

Anyway here are the contents of the card excl. samples. I am running the latest firmware.
Yep, all OK here. Maximum amount of patterns is 175. If you reach the limit you can't create any new. Compact will release unused patterns. But all in all, maximum 175.
amazing! great to know that! I probably missed that in the manual.

One thing not so clear in the manual with the "compact" is if it
1) "deletes" all patterns that are not used on the sequencer screen
2) or it "deletes" empty patterns that are not used on the sequencer screen
3) or if it "deletes" patterns that were deleted by SHIFT+DELETE from the sequencer screen.

(my guess would be the first option..?)
4) Releases/Deletes/Emptying all patterns that not appear on the sequencer screen so they can used again as new patterns. ;-)

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