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Digital voltage selector
Is it possible to assign voltage ranges per mod out? So some mod could be 0-10v and others -5-5v instead of all the same?  Then the toggle could work as an invert function instead of all one or the other.  My only guess is no if the toggle is a physical circuit switch to the different volt range.

Hey, not in this NerdSEQ unfournately. The design from the begin relates to a range of 10 volts which can be changed only for the group.
If i would do it again, i would definitely change that behaviour and spend each output it's own software selection.

The idea behind was more that CV was used for Notes and MOD only for modulations (which often also use negative voltages). That changed of course as you know. Any external level-shifting/offset module might help.

Actually the coming CV expander got a range selector per 2 outputs. Thats already much more flexibility.
I completely understand. I'm actually very excited about the cv expander for that very reason. Looking forward to it Big Grin

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