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Sample block names are gone
Not sure when it happened or why, but when I went to replace some samples in Sample block 1, I noticed all the filenames have vanished, however they still play properly.  I haven't been able to replicated it, and my other sample blocks loaded just fine. Just wanted to report a visual bug.

Included NRD and link to SMP files since I can't attach them.  Cheers!

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.nrd   NEW.NRD (Size: 591,08 KB / Downloads: 1)
Hey, i checked the files and something i don't understand happened here.

Just for the confirmation: Did the samplenames dissappear when you tried to load/replace a new sample? Or was it when you loaded / saved a sampleblock?

I checked both and the only situation i could think of is the known problem with the fragmentation of the sample memory and some parts where the names were have been overwritten. But thats just a guess and i would need to be able to reproduce it to really find out.
I believe after I loaded the sampleblock the names in the kit list vanished. If I can reproduce it again I'll follow up on this thread.

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