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SPFX 002 Gate/Trig stays high
Set CV Track to 4* speed - Pattern 1 some notes and triggers

Pattern 2 contains SPFX 002 Track Stop now

When I run pattern 2 SPFX 002 the gate/trig output remain at 5v

This behaviour does not happen at 2* or Normal speed - the gate/trig is 0 volts when SPFX 002 is run.

Is this a bug related to the trigger expander just posted?
I don’t know.
Can you add the project file so i can test your situation? I’m not sure if i get it right.

.nrd   BUG 002.NRD (Size: 480,17 KB / Downloads: 2) Project attached
Just a wee BUMP in case this got lost.......any news
Hmm...i didn't get an email notification that you added the file.....

Gonna check it out asap!
Ah ok, i checked it and confirm. Not good. And it is the same effect in my latest bleeding edge version, so it is not related to the earlier posted oddity with the Trigger16 and the sequencer stop commands.
Should be an easy one to fix.
OK, tested a little bit and i need to spend more time to fix that. It's a bit more complex here.
I suggest to use the 'stop track end' command for now to avoid that issue.
I will put up another release candidate hopefully today and then i will be off for vacation. After that i will for sure fix this in the final release.
Many thanks Thomas - I know you're busy, will work around as suggested - meanwhile enjoy your time off and don't forget the suncream ;-)

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