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add 4th page to "More Triggers" Pattern Screen
I have an application for my More Triggers expander that requires all 16 outputs. It would be really nice if I could manipulate them all from the same track without having to swap TR1-TR8 for TR9-TR16. Would it be possible to add a 4th page to the Pattern screen that has TR9-TR16? Then maybe the swap function just swaps the order of pages 1 and the new page 4 so that TR9-16 show up on page 1 and TR1-TR8 show up on page 4. That would be so helpful!
Unfournately that is not possible. The simple reason is that there is only limited memory for pattern rows and the ones for the trigger expander are already exceeded. Thats why i added also the trigger/drum-matrix, so all could still be together triggered. I suggest to use either 2 seperate tracks or a combination of the drum-matrix and the 8 triggers.
Ah, that's a shame. Unfortunately, they all have to be gates, so the drum matrix doesn't help (unless you could add the ability to do gate on/gate off in the drum matrix?)

Edit: How about a "toggle" option for Matrix Trigger in the Track Setup?
You can set the type of trigger/gate that the drum-matrix should be already. And if you set to FD, then it's a toggle. That should work.

What you could do for example to get very close to what you want to do (depending of if that fits your needs):
Use TR1..8, Use the 3 FX columns to set/reset TR9..11. Then you already got 12 triggers.

Or if you use FE for the matrix trigger value, which sets the gate. And reset it on demand in the FX column.

Or, and this will give you access to all Gates but is a bit more complicated. But you will be able to set/reset all 16 outputs to the point:
TR1..8, just as you want. Then TRBH -> Trigger Binary value high. Here you fill in a binary value and the outputs of 9..16 will be set or reset depending on your binary value.

They are ways to get most things done.
And trust me, if i would have enough pattern memory, i would have made all 16 triggers accessible.
>And if you set to FD, then it's a toggle.

Oh, I missed that in the manual. It works perfectly! Thanks!

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