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Release Candidate Firmware V1.20 RC2
Hello there,

as mentioned before i was very busy to get the new firmware ready before my vacation.
So here we are with a new release candidate for version 1.20! Be aware that it is not 100% finished yet as i didn't have enough time in the end to finish and test everything i wanted. But i expect it will only be details.
Also, keep in mind as i am off right now for my vacation as you read it, there will be only limited to no support. So help yourself! Most is self explaining and if not maybe others here can help.

As usual, this is a release candidate. Not intended for productive use (though i used it and would use it for my live stuff and productive) as i can't guarantee any unexpected side effects. Also saved projects will guaranteed work for the release version but are not backwards compatible to 1.19 or earlier. So be aware to backup your projects first!!!
And you can always go back to the stable versions in case of any issues.

Here is whats new, fixed and so on:

- added Launchpad integration (BETA). Connect a Launchpad PRO through midi (Or mk2 or mini through a midi host USB adapter if you can get this working. Keep in mind that the mini doesn't have all the colours). Enable in Input/Record settings, choose the Launchpad for a midi channel and don't forget to enable Midi data input aswell!! Makes most sense when using colours in the sequencer screen. Following is implemented here:  (where the shift button is the lowest right button on the launchpad)
Sequencer screen: Shows the coloured sequences. Press the matrix will start the pattern or trigger (or trigger cueuepoint) the pattern just as the start button. With shift it starts or triggers the whole row.
Right Buttons from UP to DOWN:
A: Scroll up.    With Shift: Page up
B: Scroll down.    With Shift: Page down
C: Combined with a button from the matrix: Enter the pattern screen of that one
D: Combined with a matrixbutton: Scale up track. With Shift: Scale down track(these are the track multipliers and dividers)
E: Combined with matrixbutton: Go to normal scale = normal track clock
F: Combined with matrixbutton: Stop track (toggle...same as normal stop button, press matrix twice to stop directly). With shift: Stop sequencer
G: Combined with matrixbutton: Jump directly to the other pattern same step. With Shift: Whole row
H: Shift button.
Top row of buttons are track 1..8 for mute or solo combined with shift.
In pattern screen:
CV/Gate track: Set/reset the trigger for each step on the matrix. Button shift is a TAP where you can add the triggers on the fly.
Trigger16 track: Edit the drummatrix first 8 triggers. Matrix goes from top to bottom and the right buttons choose steps 1..8, 9..16..etc to step 64.
Top button 8 will bring you back to the sequencer screen
Thats what it can do for now and keep in mind that this is beta and far away from finished. I will start an own discussion thread about the possibilities and what it will be in the end. Sidenotice: No, i will not support any other gear except for that i think it would be really cool to support and fits totally the needs. No, this is not Ableton, this is an implementation that should fit the NerdSEQ workflow in the best possible way. And it will only be full ready together with the Expander which adds some extras that i think fit to the workflow! to be continued...
- added: Manual calibration for CV inputs (in calibration screen below). Use first the lower part, choose a low note, the detected note is shown, change the calibration values to get as close to the note as possible, choose a high note, go to the RNG part and get to the high note a s close as possible, maybe repeat. As closed as possible means that the value next to the correct note should be 0 in the best case or some minors +- values.
- added cursor/step edit from midi or from CV inputs. (Input/Record settings) Insert a note when enabled and if on note column in pattern screens. Hold key will remove the note again. Sets a gate for note on and a trigger if released on same step, else a note off if released on another step for CV.
Adds a note for midi, adds a kill notes if released on the same step or a note off if released on another step.
- fixed: BRK was filled in with 0009 in some cases
- fixed: multiple automators for slow LFO and noise could run weird
- fixed: reset FX values for Trigger16, changed the view a bit in current values
- added: pre-listening also for MOD values instead of only notes
- fixed: marking in midi patterns not correct visibly
- fixed: MARK -> SHIFT+DOWN didn’t work well in Midi and Trigger16
- fixed: for stop song from FX setting unexpected triggers
- fixed: for invalid groove setting.
- fixed: FX in trigger16. Smart send turned off now so all functions will always work.
- added: more info in statusbar for Midi and Trigger16
- fixed: Mute track fix for Midi + Trigger16, stops midi notes
- added: Transpose for individual tracks. Transposing the individual tracks or global transpose can be avoided by turning off the transpose per track (avoid) in track setup.
- added: individual transposes will be reset on reset track fx or SPFX command
- added: major updates for CV input live and recording adds the following:
CV Live input -> Transpose track, Transpose all tracks  (note C-5 / 5 Volt is middle note for transposition), quantize to CV, position X, position Y, Start , Stop, Sample Gate/Pitch/Offset/Slot  Use shift up/down/left/right when setting up. All settings can be set up for each individual input and some only makes sense when combined.
CV Recording input -> Note, Mod, Gate, Trigger, Cursor/Step CV, Cursor/Step Gate (these for editing notes through the CV inputs), Sample Pitch/Gate/Slot. Recording into the step is now highly optimized and can read much faster triggers (5ms guaranteed) and records CV when it is stable.
CV can now record properly into different kind of tracks, outputs are also changing now if not in record mode, so you cna preview before enabling recording.
- added: Major Midi input update. Removed the fixed channel -> track dependency and added a flexible routing for midi channels.
Midi routing includes:
Live input -> Live playing into tracks (Input) CV/Gate tracks: play notes, change the MOD output via modwheel, pitchbend. Midi tracks: allows polyphonic playing into midi
including pitchbend, CC, Aftertouch, program change etc.  Trigger16: Sets/Resets each trigger via notes C-5 and upwards.  Sample: play sample with pitch. Modwheel sets sample slot.
Midi-> Track Transpose: Transposes the destination where the middle note is C-5. Also transpose all in the settings.
CC-Mapping: Not included yet...didn't have enough time but will be in the release version
Launchpad types
Midi Record input-> CV, Gate/Trigger, MOD into CV/Gate tracks. If released on the same track then a trigger is inserted. Midi tracks: Polyphonic recording of nearly everything (as long as the FX columns are empty). Notes insert a Kill note if released on the same step. If no fx is empty but another kill note, then it will insert a kill all 4 notes. Worst case no note off and manual editing needed. Full is full Smile Trigger16: Record triggers into the drum matrix. Sample: Records into first sample column, sample slot can be changed via modwheel.
- added: In all cases when recording, if in pattern screen on the notes, pressing the table button will live delete the steps.
- added many minor mini fixes and changings not worth to notice.
- still to do some minor stuff, but will be added when i am back

I am sure i also forgot some stuff as i am really in a hurry right now. I will take some time when i am back to sort out exactly what changed through my versioning system.
Also i am aware of a slight visual glitch when recording and navigating in the pattern screens. Will be fixed in the release.

Download the release candidate below, follow the firmware update rules and if you get stuck there and it doesn't work, read the many threads about it and it will be fine!! Updating always works!

So enjoy, i need a bit rest and will be back with new power!!!!!!!!!!

* Update RC2 *
Yes, i forgot a slight thing in the CV recording part, so it was imossible to actually record. Fixed in the newly attached RC2

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 925,58 KB / Downloads: 31)
.hex   nerdseq.hex (Size: 2,71 MB / Downloads: 35)
Cool! Thank you. Have a great vacation!
Very nice, thanks!
Time to get a launchpad!
thank you!
Is this correct - it says it's 1.16 when installing / booting up after installing?
Not correct! Definitlely says 1.20
(07-27-2019, 12:38 AM)Kid Yoshi Wrote: Is this correct - it says it's 1.16 when installing / booting up after installing?

Then you surely installed either an old version or you didn’t really update. Check in your download folder if you didn’t grab an older version. Will be fine.
Many thanks for the hard work as usual, a lot of stuff added/fixed.

Happy holidays  Cool
I've flipped between 1.20 rc and 1.19 and It seem CV inputs are not recording in 1.20 - can anyone confirm?

Midi recording is fine in 1.20 and CV recording is good in 1.19 but not in the 1.20rc as far as I can see

I can live without it so no rush Thomas!!

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