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With NerdSeq slaved, how to start/stop connected MIDI device?
I'm currently running a setup with Vector as master, sending CV clock to NerdSeq. I'm then running the MIDI out from NerdSeq into the Digitakt MIDI IN, as I want to do Program Changes to sequence the pattern changing on the Digitakt. I've managed to do that successfully, but I can't control the Digitat to start/stop with the NerdSeq.

To start the Digitakt in time, I have to arm it, by doing the shift-start on the NerdSeq pattern. Then when I hit start on the Vector everything starts in time. But when I stop the Vector everything stops except the Digitakt, so it just continues..Is there any way to force a stop command over the MIDI out on NerdSeq when it's slaved like this?

the main problem here is that CV clock in eurorack/modular doesn't know any real start or stop. It only gives clocks and resets and the clocks are on a very low resolution. Thats a modular/eurorack thing, not a nerdSEQ one.
While Midi and Dinsync know exact start/stop points they can also control and being controlled with it. I suggest using the vector if possible in Dinsync/sync24 mode, then the nerdseq would also generate the needed start/stop signals for midi.
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