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LaunchPad + Nerdseq
Nerdseq + LaunchPad for live playing is such a great idea. Clearly it's very early days and needs input from the community to make it a killer combination. 

To kick things off I'm going to put some things down that I have noted and hopefully others will chime in [Image: cool.png]

I have the Launchpad Pro - but no Nerdseq trigger expander so my comments should be viewed in that context.

- In track view the scrolling blinking light that runs continuously across all 64 pads imho not needed when sequencer is running - If a track is started it would be nice if just current pattern(s) blink.

-Blinking could relate to note/trigger so we can see which patterns are playing fast slow if when we are using multipliers

- I can start and stop sample track/patterns but if I enter into sample pattern - no pattern is visible and LP can't exit pattern view - have to go back to Nerdseq and use sequencer button for that

- G Function Jump - does not seem to work at the moment - tried it between islands and with single island

- Would love to have Semitone and octave buttons per track

- Would love access to switch on/off Automators

- Is it possible to have LP controller and have midi tracks output to a synth in Nerdseq - I'm guessing I would need midi merge device If I want both?


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