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problems with midi clock
I have somewhat of a mystery on my hands.

I am using Ableton Live as my DAW, which sends MIDI clock to the Nerdseq MIDI expander to sync things up.

Now of course there is a bit of latency, so Ableton lets you give "sync delay" offset to the MIDI clock so you can correct the latency

[Image: YXnCpoo.png]

Bringing it back 29 ms seems to do the trick.


I also have a Pam's New Workout which is being clocked by the Nerdseq using DIN-SYNC24

When I adjust Ableton's MIDI Clock Sync Delay, suddenly Pam's New Workout is out of sync with Nerdseq!

The below pic shows 2 channels, top channel is being triggered by Nerdseq, the bottom by Pamela's.

This is with Ableton's MIDI Clock Sync Delay set to 0ms (as you can see, they're pretty much in sync with each other, but of course not with Ableton)
[Image: mNKA3kf.png]

This is with Ableton's MIDI Clock Sync Delay set to -29ms (as you can see the top Nerdseq channel takes a beat to properly sync with Ableton's grid, but the Pamela channel gets all messed up)

[Image: 0VwotYi.png]

So something strange is happening to the Nerdseq's clock out when it gets a MIDI clock with a delay offset, but I can't understand why! 

Any help? Smile
I also have a pam's connected to my nerdseq, but to the clock out instead of via midi. Works like a charm and they seem to be synced up all the time. maybe that's worth a shot?
My Pam’s isn’t connected to Nerdseq by MIDI

It goes Nerdseq clock out ➡️ Pam clock in

And it’s tight unless I offset the MIDI clock
ok after some experimentation i can say it's not the nerdseq's fault.

giving midi clock (using 24ppqn aka DIN SYNC) a negative delay seems to make the initial pulses quicker so that it quickly "catches up" to where it should be

pam's is not liking this

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