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Constraining the Range of Nerd menu Random Values
I really like the Nerd menu Random Values, but it would be much more useful if they could be limited in range. In addition to the present choice which spans 8+ octaves, maybe you could add a couple more simple choices; e.g. 2 octaves, 3 octaves, and maybe 4 octaves.

It wouldn't have to be very specific or complex, like specifying a range of note X to note Y or anything, which would present UI challenges. Just add a couple of mid-range choices, Randomize C2-C4, Randomize C2-C5, and/or Randomize C2-C6. The other choices that are already there, like Transpose Notes +-1 and Transpose Notes +-12 can then be used for additional tweaks if necessary.

Does this sound like it would be easy to do?
yeah this has been requested already
Yep, also discussed mutliple times. There will be a advanced randomisation setup and thats the reason it takes somehow longer. I don't think it makes sense to only add this one random possibility, but a advanced pack of random functions (random screen) which can add randomisation on and offline including scaling, limiting etc..
Thanks for the reply Thomas; I really look forward to seeing what you come up with. I'm sure it will be great!

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