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Reset track FX does not reset clock?
When setting the SCLK value to something different than regular (009), it keeps that clock division on other patterns, even after a reset track fx command using the nerd button or SPFX 00A or SPFX 00B. Is that as expected?
I think this is something that can be discussed. Do the clock settings belong to the FX. Maybe you want a pattern to always play half speed, then it would be definitely unwanted to reset to normal speed on FX reset. But that's just my idea. Setting the clock to 009 will set it back to normal. The difference is also that FX values reset directly while the clock change when the pattern is ready. This of course to always stay in sync.
PLEASE use the search function if something have been asked or discussed before.
Every (unnessesary) forum support means less time to develop! But of course, i am here to help!  Smile
Ok thanks for the clarification, makes sense.

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